When Matter turns into Landscape

My research as a visual artist, which started in 1997, is based on the gathering of natural materials from fauna and flora, and their transformation into an art form.
My approach to a work consists in using photography to produce new “Landscapes” and “Worlds”, based on these materials, in order to give them a life of their own unrelated to their original form and purpose.

What I propose for the viewer is in some way a painting – a space for the senses which each one can interpret in his or her own way.This work is related to my own personal background, and the special relationship which I have had with nature since my childhood.

It is a way of giving back – of breathing – a homage to “ Mother Nature”, and it is above all my own way of painting – of seeking the colours, the textures, the lines, the volumes, the lights and the shades to reveal her whole palette.

I feel I have strayed onto the right path.


Born 21 March 1949 in France

Lives and works in Sainte-Marine COMBRIT France

Internet site : http://www.entreesenmatieres.com

Mobile phone: 06 29 91 13 00

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